MiCellCount 1.1.0 now available

MiCellCount 1.1.0 now available

Description Do you have an aching back counting cells in a microscope? Wouldn’t it be nice to just point at the cells and count them? Now you can.

MiCellCount is your manual counting solution. MiCellCount takes a microscope photo from the camera or photo library and sets up a grid for you to count cells or colonies on a plate, positive wells in a multi-well plate or anything else you can photograph. Just touch a square where there is a cell. The counting is totaled for you. When you are done, save notes and your total count back to the camera roll for your records.

You can zoom, scroll and change the grid size to make your counting drudgery into fun and games.
Yesterday we launched a Major update for iOS7 with new icons, look and functionality
– Now with a grid calibration system. Using a standard in your photo, scale the grid and save in a preset for later use.
– Added four grid size presets for quick adjustment of the grid when using several microscope objectives.
– Addition of a large spectrum of grid colors
– New help screens
– AirDrop sharing now enabled for sharing results.

Available on the App Store

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