MiPlatform — Your Microscope and Phone can be best buddies

Do You Love Your Microscope?

Do you? Do you love to see all the fascinating beauty of the microscopic world?  Are you into polarized light in crystals, bacteria in motion, or fungi that look like blown glass? Do you have an optical stereoscope or a high power UV microscope? or both?


It’s all fun to watch, until you want to share.

Then it gets really expensive — until now.

If you don’t want to spends thousands on a digital camera for your microscope, You need MiPlatform.

IMG_3805Add MiPlatform to your microscope by sliding the collar directly onto an eyepiece, then slide it on in a few minutes. Before you know it you can take photos with your smartphone, and share them with anyone.

Scientific Device Laboratories has made it simpler than ever for you to get MiPlatform for your microscope and cameraphone. We have a new online store where you can purchase your own MiPlatform, and start taking photos of that world you want to share. We’ve even made it easier than ever before — MiPlatform is now $95 until December 31.

Watch this video,

Now go buy a MiPlatform.

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