A New Version and a New Dimension to MiPlatform

IMG_3290The IMG_3282MiPlatform version 2.0 is now available in the  App Store. This new version first and foremost fixes the bug plaguing  iOS 9 phones that made all the buttons disappear. We’ve also re-written the entire app for this version, with a new cleaner, crisper User Interface

New Features

MiPlatform’s new design comes with plenty of new features for better captioning and photography in the lab:

  • Choice of any installed font on your phone for captioning
  • Choose the font size and color of your captioning font
  • Easily select text captioning, date, time, and the new sequence number caption
  • All settings moved to a new, easy to use settings page
  • Larger, simpler buttons in camera mode.
The biggest and newest feature is time lapse photography. Set a time  delay from 1 second to two hours. Tap the time lapse button in camera mode and MiPlatform will make a sequence of high-resolution photos saved to your photo library. Time lapse photos can be captioned just like any photo in MiPlatform. Inspect the photos for  specific events in your camera, or stitch together into a movie using one of the many iOS or desktop applications for making movies. Since this might take a while we do suggest keeping your phone plugged in while doing time lapse photography.
MiPlatform 2.0 is now available in the App Store. Download yours today.
Available on the App Store

Photo Gallery

A few images taken with MiPlatform 2.0
Photo Nov 10, 2 35 20 PM    Photo Nov 10, 3 09 46 PM   

Time Lapse Movie

Images from MiPlatform converted to movie with Flipagram.

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