MiPlatform 2.0 App

IMG_3282The MiPlatform app is a companion to the MiPlatform microscope platform by Scientific Device Laboratory. Place your iPhone on the platform and take photos through most microscopes or telescopes.

The app provides camera functionality with added ability to date stamp, time stamp or caption a photo while photographing, and share via social media and other apps.  Even if you don’t own a microscope, great for real-time date stamping of photos.

The app can use a time delay to remove vibration from clicking the shutter.  In version 2.0  the app can create a sequence of time-lapse photos you can stitch together into time-lapse movies with your favorite movie-making app.

With AV cables available from Apple, your device  can be connected to a video projector or monitor for classroom use.

Directions for Use

camera@3xif you would like an  on-line guide for using the app, click the camera on the left

Support and Suggestions:

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