MiPlatform 2.0 Directions

Using MiPlatform

MiPlatform is an app for science photography in Microscopes, telescopes and general observation.

Real-time Captioning of Photos:

cameraMiPlatform can stamp a photo when created with a caption including an exposure number, a caption, a date and a time. You choose which one you want on your photo. You also choose which font, size and color you want for your text.

Single Shot Mode

shutter@1xMiPlatform can take single exposures from the camera. Depending on your captioning settings, the camera will automatically caption the resulting photo.

Time Delay Mode:

timeDelay@1xFor vibration sensitive instruments like telescopes, there is a time delay setting in settings. You can set between 0 and 10 second delay. In the camera mode, press the time delay button and the camera waits to take the shot with the selected delay.

Time Lapse Mode

timeLapse@1xThe MiPlatform time lapse system takes images at selected intervals. It saves these in your photo library to upload to an desktop or another app. To keep the best quality image and reliably access the image in a sequence you’re looking for, MiPlatform does not stitch images into movies. There are many apps in the app store and for desktops you can use to take these sequence shots and make a movie.

MiPlatform Modes

The Photo Library and Viewer

If you want to check a photo quickly, or pick a photo to share you can select the library button, and you will  open your photo library. Select a photo and it will appear in the main screen

The Camera Mode

The camera mode starts the camera and takes photos in single shot, time delay and time-lapse. On the bottom are the icons for the time-lapse, single shot and time delay mode. Tap the button for the type of exposure you want. In the upper left corner is an exposure counter. If you wish to reset the counter, you can tap it. In the top center is the exit button, which takes you back to the main mode.

The Settings Mode

All the settings for MiPlatform are here. Most are text settings for the caption. On the very top is a sample of the caption with current settings. Just below the sample are the four types of text content you can add to your photo. The first is your custom caption. If you do not want a caption, press the X in the entry box to clear the caption. The next three Sequence, Date and Time have switches to turn them on and off.

Under the content caption is the font settings. Select your size, font and color here.

The final settings is the timer settings for the time-lapse and time delay modes. Tap the setting to change the current value. While available for time-lapse for less than two seconds, for best results we suggest not setting time-lapse less than two seconds.

The Sharing Mode

The sharing mode brings up the iOS standard activity sheet that lets you export your photo. Depending on what apps you have loaded on your device, you will see a variety of export options.